29 February 2012

Our love story Part 1

4 years ago today I went on my last first date. Clearly I was smitten with the boy. 

Here's how the story goes down. We met randomly outside a cigar bar in the town I went to college in. I was outside with my best friend just smoking away at a big one when up walks this hunk of deliciousness guy. My best friend jumps up to greet him and give him a hug. He stands around and talks a little and then goes inside the bar to pick out some tobacco for his pipe. I'm still sitting there just oblivious to it all. Then. He came back outside and joined us. We got to talking. Again. I'm oblivious to it all. I didn't want a boyfriend. I didn't need a boyfriend. Plus. No way. I had just finished working out. I looked "horrible." Anyway. Back to the story. So we're sitting there talking and just hanging out. Finally, after sitting there for a while I introduced myself. My friend had sort of missed that little detail. We laugh and talk a little while longer. And then it was time to eat. I was starving. Jefferson's was calling. I needed some fried pickles. So, being smooth, I invite this new hunk of deliciousness friend to eat with us. He turns us down. Says he "is meeting a friend to hang out." Okay. No matter. Fried pickles were calling. Best friend and I head to eat.

Not five minutes later, she gets a phone call. Guess who it was? Your right. It's him. "Can my friend and I come join you?" Of course! Remember, this is hunk-of-deliciousness talking, of course he can come! Not that I want a boyfriend remember? It was just fun to flirt. No harm. Right? (Later I found out he had called his friend and said "I'm such an idiot, I just turned down a pretty girl for you. I'll be at Jefferson's if you want to join us." Isn't he a sweetie? Haha) So they join us and we eat. The fried pickles were delicious. A dream. We talked and laughed and just had a good time getting to know one another. And that was that.

A week later it's Valentine's Day. Same best friend and I head to the tattoo parlor. My gift to myself was an amazing tattoo. I love it. Then we were taking each other out to dinner. Hello Buffalo's. We go. We dine. We enjoy our time. A few mentions of hunk of deliciousness here and there, but again, I don't want a boyfriend. We start to head back to campus when a guy in the car next to us waves us down...Flat tire. Pull into the nearest gas station. Yup. Tire needs changing. So being the awesome woman I am, I jump out to tackle the situation. I know how to change a tire. No problem at all. One problem though. I can't get the stupid lug nuts off. I jump on them. Put all my weight on them. They wouldn't budge. Best friend whips out her phone and starts calling "the guys." First person we call can't come but says to call hunk-of-deliciousness. I'm okay with this. So we call hunk-of-deliciousness. He says he has to finish dinner and then he'll be there. Maybe twenty minutes later he pulls up with his best friend. Hello hunk-of-deliciousness. He jumped right in and changed the tire. In the process I distracted him with my good looks and he put the lug-nuts on backwards. Points for me. He finished changing the tire. That was that. I don't need a boyfriend was my mantra over the next couple of days.

I orchestrated a couple of run-ins over the next week or so, but that was all that really happened. Finally. February 28, 2008 I meet him again at Wendy's. We flirt. I steal his phone, and slyly say "You've got a new number in there." I mean come on guys, how smooth am I? Gag. I know. But it worked. I got a phone call the next day. Now are you ready for how smooth hunk-of-deliciousness is? After talking for an hour on the phone he asks me, "Well, I'm planning on eating dinner at Waffle House if you would like to join me." So smooth. I know. We were made for each other. So of course I meet him at the House. And we spent 6 hours there talking about this and that and the other. About everything under the sun. Just getting to know each other. We liked what we saw...

This is the beginning of our love story...

28 February 2012


Most people catch the nesting bug once they find out they're pregnant. I am not most people. I have been nesting since we moved into our home a little over a year ago. Is there something wrong with me? I've been laughed at and looked at when I tell people what I've been doing to our "nursery." 

This room has been has been designated as the nursery since the day we bought the house. I picked out the paint color based on the fact that it would eventually serve as the room for our little babies. I knew what it would be and I saw that it would be pointless to paint it otherwise when I knew that eventually I wanted a yellow room. Yes. A yellow room. I love yellow. I know that many people are told to stray away from yellow, but I love this color and it's what I wanted. So there. But I digress. As I begin to put this room together, with the mindset that eventually this will be my nursery. Until it would serve for that purpose it will be my craft room. My bright and fun craft room. But I didn't want to put much on the walls. At least, I didn't want to put up things for me. Well, not my age appropriate. I wanted to put up nursery things. So tough cookies. That's what I did. This room still acts as my craft room. And you know what, adding little childish touches here and there have helped add more creativity in my life. I now want to be in here and work and craft and create! I'm loving it. And this room is coming together piece by piece and touches are being added here and there to make this room just a little more baby friendly. And personally, I love it and I don't care what anybody else says.

Let me reiterate. No I'm not pregnant. Are we working toward getting pregnant within the next year? Yes. But not right now. I guess I'm just a born nester. In my mind it just clarifies what I'm meant to be when I grow up. I'm meant to be a mom. Just a mom. And I can't wait for God to let that dream come true!

Remember these bad amazing boys?
These are the curtains for the nursery. Yes. The nursery. And I'm proud of them.

Too much. In many ways.

March may kill me. It's not even here yet, and it's slowly chipping away at my sanity. I have a major event going on every week (sometimes two major events) this month. I might slowly pull all of my hair out. On top of that I don't know what I'm doing on a day to day basis. Today I sat down maybe a total of 20 minutes, not including lunch. It was the same story yesterday. It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday. But I know at the end of the month there is freedom spring break. It's better than nothing. Plus there's this gift certificate I got for Christmas for a 30 minute massage that I'm just itching to use. 

To top things off, first period in two and a half months has now come back with a vengeance. I know. TMI. But here's the back story... 
I'm officially off the pill. Yes. You read that right. I'm off the pill. This is a cause for celebration if you ask me. The past few months, since October probably, my body has been rebelling against me and this pill I've been putting in it. My hormones have been going haywire and my schedule has been off for the past three months while still on the pill. I've skipped the past two months. SCARY! I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test and they all came out negative. What had I done?! I began to get scared that I had put too much hormone into my body. That this thing that I thought was okay to take has ruined me. I was freaking out. So I took myself off the pill went to the doctor and we decided for me to stop taking the pill. 
Well, for this past month I've been off and it has been a month of miracles. I'm back on schedule. I feel normal. I'm human again (Only human again, When the world once more makes sense) Okay. Enough Beauty and the Beast. I couldn't help myself though. I pray that things continually get better though. And let me just say, I've never been as happy as I am now to have cramps wake me up in the middle of the night.

Okay. Now that this is in typing. I'm scared to hit "publish." Is what I said too much? Too inappropriate? I'm still trying to feel my way around this whole blogging sphere. But here I go. Putting myself out there. Jumping out into the unknown. It's written now. There's no reason to erase it all. Who knows. My saying this may help someone out there. 

It's late. Dinner needs to be cooked. The house needs to be cleaned. Here I go again.

27 February 2012

Weekend in Review

This weekend was all about me and the hubs. After not seeing each other all week long, it's nice to be able to spend the weekend together, working side by side and focusing on spending time with each other.

Saturday we both worked around the house. I made these:

And then the hubs and I worked together and transformed a pallet into these:

(1 of 3)

It was wonderful to work alongside my hubby. I love when we are able to do stuff like that.

Saturday night we cuddled on the couch and watched the Princess Bride. This is our all time favorite movie. We love this movie and can quote it back and forth to each other. 

Sunday was church day. But again. We were together. It was a wonderful weekend spent working alongside my wonderful husband. I absolutely love it.

In other news...Today I got these:

I'm so excited and ready!

23 February 2012


It's 73 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Really? It's winter. And tomorrow. It's supposed to be back in the 30s. No wonder I'm so sick. It's beautiful one day. Cold and rainy the next. 

Today was a long day. I need the beach. That seems to be the theme of life lately. I need the beach.

In other news...

In one month from today, my life will change. FOR THE BETTER! Hello Hunger Games! I cannot wait! I've got my outfit all picked out, tickets almost bought (just trying to nail down a location), and I'm ready. I'm so ready. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.

21 February 2012


It's February. 

Well. Some days. Other days it feels like spring. The sun is shining. The windows are open in my house allowing for a nice cool breeze. The sun feels warm on the skin. I love days like this. Luckily, most of our winter here in Georgia has been filled with warmer days. But these warmer days make me long for spring. Real spring. Not this fake one we're having where one day it's in the upper 60s/low 70s and the next day it's in the 30s. I'm not really digging this. Plus, it's not good for my allergies. 

I long for the beach. I long for life in Costa Rica. I miss those shores. I miss the fact that I was 5 minutes from the beach. I miss the "hora tica" lifestyle. The breeze. The sand. The open air homes. I miss it. Everything about it. I would love to be able to get back there one day. To see the school I taught at. The family who took me in and I called my own for those two months.

I took this photo in Costa Rica at our beach house in Matapalo.

But since it doesn't seem likely that I will be able to get to Costa Rica anytime soon, any beach will really do. I just want some sand, salt water, a cool ocean breeze, a good book, and my husband. Time to relax and renew. 

I don't know when the next time I'll get to see the beach will be, but at the moment there is a longing deep in my soul that is crying out. It's that feeling deep down that says "go to the beach, where everything is ok."

20 February 2012

Southern Living

This has to be my favorite magazine ever. I love everything from the decorating tips to the recipes to the sites to see in the south. This past month's issue there was an article about a garden in northern Georgia, not too far from where I live. What caught my eye was this huge field covered in yellow daffodils. It looked like heaven. There's just something about a field full of flowers that takes my breath away and reminds me of the beautiful things in life. The garden is not currently open, but it will be soon and I will be one of the first ones through that gate!

To see the pictures for yourself click here

17 February 2012

Life's Insanity

This has been the longest week. Things have been crazy both at work and at home. But I'm excited about where life is taking us and where God is leading us. 

Last night I rocked the red high heels. And can I tell you how good it felt?! There's just something about them that makes me stand taller and hold my head a little higher. 

I mean who wouldn't feel good in these amazing shoes! If I ever need a self-esteem boost I can put these puppies on and feel like a million bucks, and they definitely helped out last night. It's the little things that count. 

The hubs and I have always been of the mindset that I will stay home when we start our family. Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way. I am one who wants to raise my kids. I want to be home for them. 

For every milestone. 
Every smile. 
Every sickness. 

This being said, because I won't be "working," the hubs would be the sole support of the family. Something that he wants to do. But I know the toll it takes on him. I can see it when he comes home. The stress weighs him down. But he wouldn't have it any other way. He wants me to stay home just as much as I want to stay home. So how can I help him? How can I make it to where he's not working so many hours in a day so that I don't see him until the weekend. I want him to be home just like I want to be home. I've been praying for God to give me an opportunity to help take the stress off of him. And last night that opportunity came. I'm not quite ready to dive into all the details, but let's just say, with this opportunity 

I'll be able to stay home with my babies! 

I came home with a smile on my face and my heart filled with joy. God has provided! I'm so excited about this opportunity! I hope to share the news with you sooner than later, but for now, know things are looking up for us. God always provides! And when He decides for our family to start growing, He will be there guiding our footsteps in every way.
 (And hopefully those red high heels will help me look good along the way.)

15 February 2012

Love is in the air...

Well, there wasn't too much hoopla yesterday. The hubs has small group with church on Tuesday nights and works after that, so our evening was condensed into about 30 minutes.

I cooked him his favorite meal and it was ready by the time he got home from his first job. And so was his present. I gave him a book filled with 12 date nights - 1 for each month. I found this link on Pinterest and, as I was having a hard time coming up with ideas, this sounded like the perfect thing to do for Valentine's Day. I made it my own though, and mixed up some "stayin' in" date nights and some "goin' out" date nights. Doing this was a stretch for me, as I don't like to be the one to come up with the dates. That's supposed to be his job. Right? Well. I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to see what all ends up going on and how he enjoys them! 

I placed all our "date cards" in a photo album, and part of the plan is to capture these date nights on camera and replace the date cards with the pictures. This way we'll have the memories for years to come. And who knows, if all goes well, maybe we'll make this a yearly thing! Anyway, our first "date" is at the end of the month, so I'll let you know how it goes!

He got me the traditional my two favorites: red roses and Reese's Cups. My husband knows me so well. However, I'm about to hide these Reese's before I get too fat off of them.

So, while the hubs had small group I got to work in my new organized craft room. It was a lovely evening full of sewing, Cinderella, and the all important and amazing Doctor Who. All-in-all it was a wonderful night and I'm completely happy with the way things turned out!

14 February 2012

VALENTINE'S DAY -- the Geek version

Happy Valentine's Day to my fellow bloggers. Here are a few Doctor Who Valentine's for you! I hope you enjoy them! A more serious post to come later.

12 February 2012

Weekend in Review

Well. Tomorrow is Monday (Or today depending on where you're reading this from). The weekend has been uneventful but full of accomplishments - on my end that is. 

Yesterday, we hung out and ate lunch at a good friend's house and learned about a possible new business opportunity (more to come on that later). We had amazing potato soup and artichoke dip and just hung out and explored ideas. Now it's time for us to trust God to lead us down the right path.

Then it was off on a Walmart trip for dog food and other odds and ends. When we got home I set to work on the craft room/future nursery. It had been our crap junk room since the day we've moved in and I was sick of it. So out went the boxes and in went the amazing things. Now the room is open and airy and I feel like I can get back to crafting in there! I'm so excited about it. (Before and after pictures to come)

Today was church and I got to love on some babies. This is not helping my baby fever and the hubs is not happy about that ;) Oh well. When the LORD gives us children I'll be ready and excited (the sooner the better though ;) )

Then we went to lunch at the hubs's grandmother's house. We had yummy borscht (it was clearly the perfect cold weekend for soup) and got to enjoy some time sitting there and listening to her story. She was rescued during WWII and brought to the United States. It's just amazing to listen to her tell what she went through and how God provided for her throughout her time in the camps. 

So all in all, the weekend was a good one. Not too busy, but things did get accomplished. Now it's on to Monday and a new week. 

Cold weekends mean there's a fire in the fireplace, something my dog absolutely loves. 
Yes, he is laying on the hearth. Strange, I know.

10 February 2012

Date Talks

Last Saturday the hubs and I had our garage sale date. Here is a recap of all that we got.

For all of you who go garage sale-ing, you know that you spend quite some time in the car. Now the hubs and I aren't really into listening to the radio. We prefer the quietness, because sometimes there's something in the quietness. Also, without the radio it allows us time to talk and catch up with each other. During the week, he works two jobs so I hardly get to see him. When the weekend arrives, it's time for us to play catch up, and listening to the radio prevents that opportunity.

Like most other car rides, the radio is off and we're talking. We talk about our needs and wants as a couple and our needs and wants as an individual. What I need from our relationship is different than what the hubs needs from the relationship. We're not struggling at all in our relationship, just sometimes it's the little things that frustrate us. Sometimes we get so much into routine and all about us and what makes us happy that we forget the important things. It's also hard to communicate when we hardly see each other. And communicating is difficult when we each have a different love language. (Have you ever read that book? I highly recommend it for everyone. Married or not.) My love languages are physical touch and words of affirmation. The hubs is acts of kindness and physical touch. 

Okay. So we've got the whole physical touch thing down, but the other two are difficult for the both of us. The hubs prefers having something done for him. That's how he feels loved. I prefer words of encouragement from the people I love. That's how I feel loved. Very different forms of showing love. And it's my job as a wife to work on speaking to my husbands love language, just as it's his job to speak to mine. If I'm honest with myself, the past few weeks I've been kind of slacking in the whole loving my husband through his love language. Life has come and swept me up in all of its chaos, and I had lost sight of the important things. In our conversation this past Saturday, love languages came up and I had to face the fact that I had not been doing the best job for my husband. 

This past week, I have tried my best to speak to my husband through his love language. It's not been easy. Acts of kindness are not my strong suit. But I'm trying. And I'm praying that God will help me speak to my husband in a way that he alone understands. 

So here it is. All out in the open. I love being a wife and I love my husband. It's not always easy being a wife, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have the best husband in the world and I'm so excited about the journey we are on together and I'm anxious to see where God takes us. 

To find out what your love language is click here
I seriously recommend this book. It's life changing.

09 February 2012

A lot has happened...

these past few days. Firstly, I got my GACE scores back. And drum roll please,


I was shocked. I did not expect to pass this test. For one, I thought it was too easy, and I never pass "too easy" tests. I tend to over think them, which makes for a failing test grade. I guess this time being sick paid off. Which brings me to the second reason I think I failed. I was so sick that day, and it was a rough morning. But God clearly knew what He was doing and miracle of miracles I passed. *Still in shock*

The past week has been nothing but crazy at work. But I like crazy. It makes the week go by faster. However, through all the crazy-ness that has ensued this past week, I have discovered just how blessed I am. I love my job and my co-workers rock. I am so blessed by where I work and who I work with. God is so good in letting me work there. I just hope and pray that I'm using my job for His purpose and I shine with His glory.

In other news, I'm researching Disney vacation for the hubs and me. Our last "hurrah" before we start a family. So this has me beyond excited. I am a self-proclaimed Disney freak. I love everything Disney. Tuesday nights are my Disney movie nights while the hubs has small group. This week was Beauty and the Beast. I love watching and singing along and I'm pretty sure the guys in the living room hear every word I sing.  Oh well :)

What makes this trip even better is the hubs has yet to experience the wonderful world that is Disney (well, he went once when he was 2 but that doesn't count). Plans are running around like crazy in my mind and I'm just praying that somehow things will fall into place and we'll be able to go.

I know I promised a post on how the actual date went - not just the lovely goodies we got - and it's coming. There's a lot to talk about and so I'm still working through how I want to word what I learned.

So any other Disney-fanatics out there who have advice for this traveler?

06 February 2012

Garage Sale Dates

The weather held out for the hubs and I to partake in our garage sale date! ((You can check out the plans for that here)). We got a late start to the morning. It was our first day to sleep late in quite some time, so we took advantage of it. Plus, it was supposed to rain in the morning then wane off. So, with the dog placed in the basement, we were able to sleep in. 

Once getting up we ate and got going. We hit the "hot spots" and there was NOTHING. And I mean nothing. So, not to be discouraged we widened our route. And lo and behold we found some sales! Our limit was $30 combined ($15 a piece). In total, we spent $21.

Here's an overview of what we got. 

More on how the whole "date thing" went later.

02 February 2012

Spring has Sprung!

About a few months too early. It's February and the sun is shining, it's near 70*, and I've got the windows open to air out the house. It's lovely feeling the cool breeze through the window. The smell of the fresh air is welcomed in this winterized house. I love it. 

We'll see if it lasts though. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow in Pennsylvania, predicting six more weeks of winter. But Georgia's own General Beauregard Lee contradicts Phil. He didn't see his shadow and so is it going to be an early spring? Well if things keep on like today there certainly will be. I'm not complaining. I love spring. However this weather is giving me definite spring fever. And spring fever for me means I've got the urge to craft and decorate and change things around. Most importantly it makes me want to nest. 



01 February 2012

The Date Talk

So let's face it...I'm awful at dating. I only had one other boyfriend before I met hubs and that was in high school and doesn't really count. When hubs and I met we didn't really date, we just hung out. Of course we went to dinner together and stuff but because we were poor cautious with our money we didn't do many "fancy date" things. I mean, our first "date" was 6 hours at Waffle House (yes, we spent 6 hours straight at Waffle House just talking and getting to know each other). Also, since we were just going to Waffle House, I'm pretty sure I just wore jeans and a sweatshirt. It was a cold February day in college, what else was I going to wear? At least I didn't pull out the rain boots.

I mean the first time we met, it was outside in front of a cigar bar and I had just finished working out and I hadn't felt like showering didn't have time to shower before going out with the best friend. The next time the same best friend and I were trying to change a tire (for all those wondering, yes I can change a tire on my own - I had done it previously - this was just a ploy to see him again, and the lug nuts were on too tight for little me to get them off). So I was not looking good then as well.

See the pattern? I don't remember the first time I actually dressed up for him. Sad I know. But I wasn't into the whole dressing up for guys thing. I was more of a "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit" kind of girl. If they didn't like me how I was naturally then that was their loss. Luckily hubs was pretty smitten ;)

Anyway, this whole dating thing. We didn't really do it. We just did life together, because that's what felt right. So to actually go out on a date is weird. And I find myself being, what I feel like, an awkward dater. Is that weird? I mean, I know my husband. It shouldn't be awkward dating him. Right? Then there are all these expectations that I have.Which isn't right. I shouldn't have these expectations, which are typically unrealistic. So I find find myself awkwardly trying to date my husband and it just doesn't feel right. In fact, it feels almost forced.

Now let me clarify that I'm talking about those anticipated fancy date nights. We go out to eat and do kinda date night then, but it's more like doing life rather than a date. My goal for this year is to actually date my husband. It's something that I know I need to get better at. It's difficult because we don't have a night off together except for the weekends because he works two jobs, so dating gets pretty tough. Throw in my awkwardness and my unrealistic expectations and things just have a snowball effect. But this will get better. I'm going to work on it and trust that dating can be fun and not at all stressful. Right?

So first date planned...Garage sale-ing this weekend. It's something hubs and I enjoy doing (plus I don't have to get dressed up for this one). Each of us will get a set amount of money to spend, and we'll see what all we can find without going over budget. I'm excited to see what we can come up with!

Anyone out there have any advice for this poor awkward dater? Or ideas of what would make a fun, economical date, rather than the traditional going out to dinner? I would really appreciate it!

Let me just end this whole thing by saying that I have a wonderful husband who doesn't care if I look good for a date (obviously), he just likes that he gets to be with me and that's what it's all about in the end. Spending time together having fun. That's what "dating" is in the end.

Also, check out this site I found on Pinterest! It has all kinds of dating ideas on it and relational advice! I'm excited to scour the contents of the site and see what I can find for hubs and I to do.