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16 October 2013

Growing Pains

Teething has been rough. Very rough. Who knew the top two teeth were so much worse than the bottom teeth.

But there is an upside to this teething.

Last night, Bug woke up upset and clearly hurting. She needed her mommy to help her sleep. It has been a long time since she has needed me to help her sleep. She's been all independent as of late at night time. I've missed rocking my little baby to sleep. All of a sudden, she was a "big girl." 

But last night. She needed me.

I spent an hour rocking her and holding her and comforting her. She just nestled right into me. I could feel her relax. And I just soaked it all up. 

There is nothing more precious than this time I could share with my girl. 

Then, this morning, she just wanted more cuddles with me. A rough night leads to a nice morning for me and my girl. It's a nice cool day, and Bug and I just cuddled and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally. Once again, she just relaxed into me. 

I want more than anything for these cuddles to last. She's growing up way too fast!


17 September 2013

8 Months!

weight: maybe 21 lbs? We haven't gotten a chance to weigh her.       
height: around 28 in long!
eating: nursing 4 times a day and 3 meals of solids a day  
floor time: SHE'S CRAWLING! And all over the place! She's absolutely into everything. She's also pulling up on everything too!
happiness: She is such a happy baby. We are beyond blessed!
loves: her mommy, teething toys, car rides, peek-a-boo, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, music, her piano, standing, playing in her crib, and eating
sleep: we're down to two naps a day and still sleeping through the night!
first word: MAMA! second word: DADA!

She has gotten so big this month! All this crawling. It's crazy! She's officially into everything and loving it. I have to chase her everywhere. Thank goodness our house isn't too big, because she sure is giving me a run for my money.

It's finally beginning to cool down outside, so we've been trying to soak it up. We hung up her swing today and spent the day playing in the backyard. She loved it! It was fun listening to her giggling as we pushed her.

Bug loves her daddy. She giggles and giggles with him, as long as I'm still in the room. 

We got to go to the lake for Labor Day Weekend. You can see that recap here. It was so much fun! We had a great weekend. It was here that Bug started crawling!

Dear Bug, 
You are getting to be such a big girl! Where has all this time gone?! Can you please slow down? Every time we turn around you grow and change. I'm absolutely loving this stage you are in right now. You're curious about everything and want to know what is going on around you at all times. It's really fun. You also hate it when we're eating and you're not, so we have to make sure to have snacks for you whenever we're snacking. It just makes me laugh. You sure do love your food and always want to try whatever we're eating. You are seriously a joy, Bug. We are so blessed to have you in our life. 
Gitchee gitchee goo!
Mommy and Daddy

21 August 2013

7 Months!

weight: 19 lbs 4 oz       
height: 26 3/4 in still
eating: every 3-4 hours and 3 meals with baby food a day  
floor time: this Bug loves to sit, stand, and roll around on the floor! she's so close to crawling too!
happiness: Bug caught her first cold, so she's been pretty miserable. it's been a cuddle kind of month!
loves: her mommy, teething toys, car rides, peek-a-boo, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, music, her piano, standing, playing in her crib, and eating
sleep: we're down to two naps a day and still sleeping through the night!
first word: MAMA!

She looks so big in this picture! I think she is most likely still somewhere around the 90% for height and weight. The hubs and I joke that it won't be long before she's taller than me! I'm going to be in big trouble. We've been eating solids for the past month, and Bug is loving them! Her favorite would have to be bananas, but she also likes meat. Really, she'll eat about anything we try to give her!

She loves playing peek-a-boo and playing in her crib! It's adorable. I love going in there and finding her smiling and playing. She's trying to pull up on everything and just loves to stand at her piano and bang on it. Best consignment find yet! 

The weather this month has been so strange! It's been in the 60s in August...In Georgia! We're not complaining though. And we've gotten a ton of rain. So we haven't been able to spend as much time outside as I would have liked to this past month. But Bug did get to sit in grass for the first time. She immediately grabbed a handful and put it in her mouth. That's where everything goes nowadays.

She now has both of her bottom teeth and she teethed like a champion! I was so proud of her! She's still in 6 month and 6-9 month clothing.

Dear Bug, 
I know I say this every month, but you are such a joy to have! Your daddy and I love watching your personality develop! Since you've been sick this month, you've been letting us cuddle more than you typically would and I've been soaking it up! I realize that soon you're going to be too big to cuddle, and that just breaks my heart! I would love for time to slow down. We love you so much, Bug. You are truly our pride and joy and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives!
Gitchee gitchee goo!
Mommy and Daddy

18 July 2013

6 Months: 1/2 Year!

weight: 18 lbs 2.5 oz       
height: 26 3/4 in 
eating: every 3-4 hours; we've started solids, so far we've tried peaches, apples, bananas, and avocados.  
tummy time: laying down is out of the question, now that she can sit up that's all she wants to do!
happiness: she is a happy girl for the most part; she's getting pretty clingy though too, she loves her mommy and wants to be attached at the hip 24-7
loves: her mommy, teething toys, car rides, peek-a-boo, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and music
sleep: we're down to two naps a day and still sleeping through the night!

She's in the 90 percentile for both height and weight. Such a big girl! I believe she got that from her daddy, because this mama is not tall at all. Last month at this time I was wondering if we wanted to start solids. This month we've tasted avocados, peaches, apples, and bananas. Her favorite is definitely avocados. I've got a guacamole fan on my hands!

She was such a happy girl at the doctor's office! Even when she got her shot. This is the first time she hasn't gone all red in the face and started screaming the instant the shot goes in. She got a little fussy, but perked right back up. I was shocked!

Bug has found a new favorite nap spot, her daddy's chair. She just loves sitting in it, and got so comfy she fell asleep. Of course, she wouldn't sleep in her crib that day, so the chair had to suffice. It brought tears to my eyes though, she just looked so big and grown up laying there.

We made the big trip (14+ hours) to Texas this past month to meet Daddy's grandparents, aunt, and uncle. We met up with our nieces there too. She felt so special being able to sit and hang out with the big girls.

She's still in 3-6 month, 6 month, and 6-9 month clothes. Cloth diapers are the same and we're still a size 3 in disposable. 

Dear Bug,
Your daddy and I love you so much! This past month you've learned to sit up on your own, you've started scooting around, and you've stepped up that personality. You got to meet your great-grandpa and great-grandma from Texas and you officially stole their hearts. Everyone was just enamored with you. But I can't blame them, you are pretty cute and adorable. As your daddy says, "you're made of awesome." And I completely agree with him.
Gitchee gitchee goo!
Mommy and Daddy

17 June 2013

5 Months!

weight: 17 lbs 6.5 oz       
height: 25 1/2 in 
eating: every 3-4 hours; exclusively breastfed
tummy time: tummy time is pretty much non-existent now that she's a rolling machine! 
happiness: she's still a pretty content and happy baby, but lately she's going through a little spurt, I'm hoping we can blame it on teething
loves: cuddles, Lamaze toys, exersaucer, her feet in her mouth, chewing on her fingers, sucking her  thumb, and rolling all over the place
sleep: this past week has been a little rough with sleeping, once we get her to sleep she's sleeping in little bits and pieces, the problem is getting her to sleep

She's gained another pound in the past month! Clearly, she still likes eating. I love how chunky she looks in this picture! I'm debating on whether or not to start her on solids this month. Her doctor said we can start anywhere between 4 and 6 months. I guess, we'll just keep playing around. 

I love a sleeping baby! 

She's officially rolling over! It's fun to watch her and she always seems so proud of herself whenever she rolls over. She loves to roll over from her back to her tummy, but she hates rolling the other way around. She'll get to her tummy and hang out there for a little while happy as can be. Then she starts fussing and wants me to roll her over. 

She's still mostly in 3-6 month clothes, with a few 6-9 month clothes thrown in. It just depends on the brand. She has pajamas that are 6-9 month but they fit like a 0-3 month. It was funny when I tried to get it on her one night. We're keeping the same size in cloth diapers, but we've gone to a size 3 in disposable diapers whenever we use them.

We used the kiddie pool for the first time this month! She didn't know what to think of it, but I think she had fun. We're going to try the big pool this month! I can't wait to get my Bug in the water!

We also went on our first road trip to Orlando this month. This girl was a rock star in the car! I was so impressed. 

She's officially found her thumb and her toes. Something is constantly in her mouth. It's pretty cute. 

Dear Bug, 
Every day is a new adventure with you! You are discovering new things all the time. You've started answering to your name and recognizing who we are! I love watching you find new things. The first time you rolled over you were so shocked! It was precious! And you love eating your toes. Bug, you're such a joy and I love spending each and every day with you! 
Gitchee gitchee goo!
Mommy and Daddy

12 June 2013

Wonder Week?

My normally easy-sleeping girl, has taken over a whole new personality these past few days. She's napping right on schedule and goes down rather easily. But come bedtime, something changes. We go through our normal routine: we play, bath, nurse, and then it's time for her to lay down. Typically she falls asleep while nursing and then I just put her down in her crib. Normally she falls asleep and stays asleep the whole night through. 

Then Saturday night...something changed.

Saturday, we spent the day with her great-grandparents (my grandparents) and we didn't get back home  until late and she refused to sleep until after 10. 
Sunday, we got up and went to church and had a relatively normal day, but she still wouldn't sleep until after 10. And to top it off, she will no longer sleep in her crib, which she has been doing wonderfully since she turned 2 months new.
Monday, a normal day. She naps perfectly. Mommy and baby just hanging out all day. Daddy comes home and we play hard all day long. Still, it's after 10 when she falls asleep. Again, in our bed.
Tuesday, evening comes and I make sure to wear her out and we spend lots of time doing tummy time. I nurse her and she falls asleep. For 30 minutes. Then she's up with no obvious hint of slowing down at all. So we cuddle and watch Doctor Who until almost midnight. The only change is she fell asleep in her crib.

Then each night she wakes up multiple times. She wakes up to officially eat around 5am. This is not normal for my girl.

Even now as I type this, she's sitting in my lap. Note, her bed time is between 7:30 and 8pm. She's s sitting here blowing raspberries, just as happy as she can be. Silly girl.

Now, I'm not really complaining. I'm looking at this time as extra cuddle time with my Bug. Time that I wouldn't otherwise get.

But I am wondering if anyone else has gone through something like this. I'm assuming it's just a growth spurt. She's learning a lot of new things nowadays, and I feel like she just can't shut her brain off. But, then again, I don't know.

Anyway, I'm going to cuddle with my girl and enjoy a Doctor Who marathon. I know I will look back on this time with fondness, and wish that she were little again.

Trying to wear her out last night before bed. She looks like she's up to something.

30 May 2013

Let the Chasing Begin

We've officially got a roller! Bug has been working so hard on rolling over for over a month and this past week she has finally mastered it. Things are starting to change now that we've got a mover in the house. Now it's time to baby proof the house. I'm not going to go full out with every little trinket, all I'm planning on doing is locking the cabinets with knives and chemicals in them, covering the outlets, and putting blankets over the edge of the fireplace. Nothing too major.

Her first time rolling over from front to back was in her crib after a nap! She had already rolled from back to front at her Bibi's house (my mom) the day before.

On a side note: Can you please vote for Bug, she's in the running for Parent Magazine Cutest Baby Weekly Contest. Just click here to vote! Thanks in advance!

17 May 2013

4 Months!

weight: 16 lbs 7.5 oz (90%)      
height: 25 1/2 in (90%)
eating: every 2.5-3 hours still; exclusively breastfed
tummy time: loves tummy time and is starting to enjoy it for longer periods of time!
happiness: happy as a clam! she's cooing and talking and squealing now!
loves: cuddles, Lamaze toys, exersaucer, "piano", her feet, her hands in her mouth, anything in her mouth, and rattles
sleep: between 8 and 11 hours! last night she slept 11 hours straight! still loving that crib!

She's gained another pound and 1/2 (almost 2!) in the past month! Such a good eater! Now she not only has leg and knee rolls, but she's getting arm and wrist rolls as well. And of course there's the adorable double chin. How come babies can have double chins and rolls and it's cute? Not fair! 

Still no rolling over. She's good at getting half way there, but then she seems stuck. It won't be long though before she accomplishes it! Then I'll definitely have my hands full with a little mover. Time to start thinking about baby proofing.

She's still in 3-6 month clothing, with some 6 months and 6-9 months. This girl is chunky and needs all the room she can get in her clothes. When we use disposable diapers, she's in size two, and we've changed the size in cloth as well.

She still always has those hands in her mouth! And we can't go far without a bib or burp cloth with all the drool. Still no teeth yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not far off. 

We celebrated my first Mother's Day this past month and baby dedication at church. You were such a trooper and everybody just loved your rolls. I have to say, you were the cutest baby there. Then again, I might be a little biased.

Dear Bug, 
You are truly a joy! I can't imagine life without you. It's hard to believe that it's been 4 months. In some ways, I feel like you were just born. In others, I feel like you've been with us forever. You are definitely developing your own little personality. That squeal of yours is becoming your go-to means of communication. I can't help but laugh. You've started mocking me too. It's been so much fun watching you learn and grow! I can't wait to see where God will take you. He has big plans for you, Bug, and it's going to be so fun to watch you shine.
Gitchee gitchee goo!
Mommy and Daddy

15 May 2013

Favorite Things: 3 Month Edition

This favorite thing 3 month edition is extremely similar to the 2 month edition. Items one, three, four, and five are all the same. We just loved them in the 3rd month as much as we did in the second! Two things did change though. If you wanna read more about the other items you can check them out here.

2. Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor - This monitor has been my peace of mind now that Bug is sleeping in her own room. The steady beeping sound notifying me that she is still okay has been amazing. It's taken me a little while to get used to, but I love it. I do remember the first time the alarm sounded though, that terrified me. But we've figured out how to work it out, and I know how to position her to where she can't manage to scoot off of it while she sleeps.

6. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether - I have seen great things about Sophie and so at the first chance I got, the hubs and I ran to Babies R Us to find one. There were many different choices. We decided to go with the one that has "handles" for our girl. The first reason is that it seems easier to grip for her, the second is that she can't easily choke herself by sticking Sophie's long neck down her throat. I love this little toy and it goes everywhere with us. Bug can easily grab it and it goes directly into her mouth. She still hasn't gotten the hang of chomping down on it, but it's cute to see her with it. 

11 May 2013

It's days like today...

...that I realize just how blessed I am.

Thank you, LORD for this amazing little girl and the amazing family you have blessed me with.

09 May 2013

Ramblings from a New Mom

A while ago I wrote this guest post. I don't know how many of you were able to see it, so I'm sharing it with you now :)

Going from this

to this

in the matter of nine months takes a lot more work than originally thought.

Or rather, than I originally thought.

But this is the best kind of work I could possibly imagine.

It's hard to believe that a little over six weeks ago we brought our daughter home. In a way, it feels as if she's been with our family for years, and in another, it still feels surreal, like she's just hear temporarily. However, I can say that during these past six weeks, I've fully been initiated into motherhood...

My boobs have doubled in size and are now leaking like crazy. I can just hear a baby cry or see a full baby bottle and oops, I sprung a leak. Heck, I'm starting to leak right now just thinking about it...For those of you who are leaky like me, I fully recommend Lansinoh's breast pads. They are lifesavers! But I wouldn't trade the leaky boobs for the world. It means that I get to nourish and feed my daughter, something that I have come to treasure.

To go along with the leaky boobs, I constantly smell like soured milk. From her messy eating and my constant leakiness, the smells just compound. I'm surprised the hubs hasn't run far, far away or made more comments about it. I guess he is a smart man. No matter the number of showers I take, the smell just comes right back. But again, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Then there's the spit up. I don't know about everyone else with kids, but my daughter spits up and the most random and ill-opportune times. And it's not anywhere near a time when she last ate! Say she eats at 2 and won't eat again for another couple of hours, I burp her when she's done feeding and think "the coast is clear."  I either continue to hold her, put her in her swing, or lay her on her play mat. Sometimes she falls asleep, but more recently, she's staying awake. She seems to be doing just fine playing and then all of a sudden, hello spit up. This is around an hour or hour and a half after she's last eating! And it's not like I've moved her or anything, she just decides to keep me on my toes when it comes to this sort of thing. Now, because her spitting up comes out of the blue, I have been doused numerous times. Just the other night, for example, I was getting her ready for bed and as I was walking into my bedroom to feed her she let it all out and down my shirt it went. I admit, she does have some pretty good aim. Getting spit up on, of course, just adds to the smell. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

And of course, there's everyone's favorite: getting pooped on. That moment when the diaper can either hold no more or the force of the blowout is just too much for the diaper to handle and you just get covered. Let's just say I'm used to this by now and it just comes with the territory. When I hear it coming, I know longer flinch. I just accept my fate and try to minimize the damage as much as possible. I mean, better it to be me than our dry clean only duvet cover (she got that too once, needless to say, we're on the hunt for a new duvet cover that isn't dry clean only). But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

There's so much that comes with being a new mom. So many new experiences. Who would have thought that I would be okay with breastfeeding out in public? A year ago I would have laughed at the thought. But now I don't hesitate to feed her. I may still cover myself, but I don't go lock myself in a bathroom (not that there's anything wrong with that...I just choose not to). I remember the hubs telling me that diaper changing was going to be my job and that he was staying away from poopy diapers. When she was born, he volunteered to change the first one! You know, the one with all the tar-like poop. Yeah, I was shocked. And now it's not a big deal for him to change a diaper. 

We're still getting into the hang of this whole being parents thing, and yes there are a lot of "dirties" that come with the job. But they all are outweighed by the smiles I get and the cuddles and the overwhelming love that we share. I love being a member of the mommy club and I fully accept my role as mommy. In fact, I wouldn't trade that role for all the diamonds and money in the world.

07 May 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago today, I was staring down at this:

And telling the hubs like this:

And getting ready to celebrate here:

And took the first "I'm pregnant" picture and only slightly freaking out:

That was a year ago. 7 May 2012.
This is today. 7 May 2013.

It's amazing how things change in 1 year, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

02 May 2013

Intentional Living

As a new mom, life takes on a new meaning. A new purpose. A new responsibility. A new life.

I want live with an intentional, joy seeking heart. 

I want to look for the good in life, despite all the tragedy that surrounds.
I want to be wise with my time.
I want to be healthy.
I want to exercise.
I want to watch less tv and listen to more music.
I want to put more into my relationships.
I want to enjoy life.
I want to see the beauty that is all around.
I want to dance with my daughter.
I want to rock my baby to sleep.
I want to be a Proverbs 31 wife.
I want to spend more time growing in my relationship with my Heavenly Father.
I want to live the life He has planned for me.
I want to smile.
I want to laugh.
I want to love.

Living intentionally. Living with a purpose. 

That is my goal. 

inspired by Casey Wiegand

01 May 2013

Life Lately


She's trying so hard to roll over!!// There's nothing cuter than a naked baby! // Demolition on our master bath begins!


No more bathroom // Sleeping peacefully // After midnight and renovations are going strong 


Rocking the Wyoming shirt from Aunt Rebekah! // We have 3 walls and a tub! // Morning cuddles with Mommy


Entertaining herself with the front view camera during small group // Reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets // "What's up, Mom?"

Go Braves!!

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