14 May 2013

Solving the World's Problems

It's 12:30 and I sit here absolutely exhausted. The hubs and I spent the day working on the house, plus I had to take care of the Bug. She was wonderful and enjoyed spending the morning outside with us while we painted. But as the day went on, the more tired she got and the harder it was to please her without having her bouncing on my hip. I wasn't feeling well. I was hungry. I was trying to take care of a screaming baby plus cook dinner.  I wasn't handling everything well.

But I got her bathed.
I got her fed.
And I got her down.

She has now been asleep since 7:15. My poor girl was exhausted. 

So now I sit here, trying not to fret about life. Trying to solve the world's problems. But nothing gets solved at 12:30. Only worry ensues. 

Worry about decisions that need to be made.
Projects that need to be finished.
Plans that need to be planned.

But the world's problems cannot be solved at 12:30. At least, not by me.

So instead, I sit here with a cup of hot tea, dreaming of the cuddles I get to share with my girl in the morning. Those sweet cuddles that I cherish so incredibly much, because I know they're all too fleeting. 

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  1. Aw, I love this! I def know what it's like to be under the stress of trying to get dinner done while cooking dinner :) I'm so glad that God has a special plan for every one of us and that He makes everything beautiful in it's time. :)