07 March 2014

Getting Back To It

Since December I know I've been here and there and everywhere, only posting randomly and without much content. For that I apologize. I feel like since I found out I was pregnant, things have been on a rocking roller coaster. Some great things. Some not so great things.

I feel like I'm getting out of the clouds. Finally, things are starting to settle down. I'm beginning to gain some energy here and there, but my nausea is still hit or miss. I guess there are good days and bad days with everyone, I just think pregnancy magnifies the good and the bad.

To top it all off, I've had the worst case of baby brain. I've had posts written out and had them all planned, only to either completely forget when I sit down to type or I fall asleep before I can write them down.

Starting Monday: pregnancy updates! I'll be 15 weeks and it's high time I get started on these things.

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I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I just pray this "second trimester energy" thing isn't a myth. I remember it with Bug, but this time around it seems to be avoiding me!


  1. I hope things get better. and I hope this go round is good. congrats on being preggo.


  2. It's because you have a little one to keep up while pregnant this time :). I think pregnancy was so much more exhausting the second time around. Everything was more exhausting. But it will get better. We're considering our third, and just remembering how much more exhausting the second was makes me apprehensive already. But once you see their sibling bond it will all completely be worth it! I found you through the Mommy Moment link up. You can hear all about my exhaustive crazy with two girls at Time with A & N. I'm adding you to my google plus circles to follow. I hope you start to feel better! And get some energy back.