28 July 2014

5 Weeks Left...

5 weeks, 35 days, until baby day. Of course the hubs and I were talking and it really could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 7 weeks away. Or he could decide to come tomorrow...but we're going with the idea that he wants to cook for a while longer. 

We went for an ultrasound on Friday to see how he was measuring. As of now, according to the ultrasound, he's weighing in at over 6lbs (according to babycenter.com he's supposed to weigh a little over 5lbs), his femur is measuring right on track, his abdomen is measuring a week ahead, and his head is measuring two weeks ahead. Big baby. But Bug came out at 8lbs 2oz, so I'm thinking he'll be closer to 9lbs when all is said and done. I'm meeting with my midwife tomorrow to go over everything and see how things look. As of now, we're going ahead with our plan for a waterbirth at home!

These next 5 weeks will be filled with cleaning, rearranging, nesting, creating, resting, and generally just soaking up time with my little girl. The nursery is almost set up. I just have to get the dresser in there and all the clothes sorted. Bug and Little Guy will be sharing a room, so we've got it all set up for that. And Bug has successfully transferred over to her big girl bed! We ended up going with a twin and we are loving it! But that's a whole other blog post. I also feel the need to get the carseat in the van. Unfortunately, the actual carseat is at my parent's house, but we have the base here. I can get that installed, that is the difficult part after all.

Also, I feel the need to introduce the newest member of the family! Meet Meeska (props to the first person to comment where the name originated from)! We got this little girl from the animal shelter last week and she has found herself to be the perfect fit for our family! Bug loves her and she loves Bug too. See their relationship is so much fun and I can't wait to watch Bug grow up with her cat. I know it seems crazy that we would get a cat 5 weeks before we welcomed a newborn into the family, but she fits so well and is so easy to have, that I don't think it will be a problem. It is going to be interesting to see how all four of us (Bug, Little Guy, Meeska, and myself) fit when we decide to cuddle. And I am not giving up my cuddles!

So anyway, we've got 5 weeks left (give or take, of course). I don't know whether to panic or take my time...I guess we'll see!

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  1. Meeska?? From Mickey Mouse? Meeska, Mooska Miiiickey Mouse? Ha! You're so close to meeting your newest addition! So exciting, yet overwhelming. Can't wait to hear more about your water birth experience.

  2. EEEEK! SO exciting. He's such a handsome little guy. Wow a water birth at home? I'd love to try that with one of my baby's. How are you feeling?