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14 October 2014

My Homebirth

I honestly thought our little guy would never come. Sunday, August 31st, I had strong contractions on and off all day. We went and walked the mall as a family of three hoping to hurry things along. They got to the point where I wanted to go and drop Bug off at my parent's house before heading home. I definitely thought the little guy was going to come that night!


By 3am contractions had slowed down enough for me to go to sleep. So our midwife went home in the morning with instructions to walk walk walk with the hopes of things picking up the next day. We called my parents to bring Bug on home and made arrangements to go and walk the corn maze down the street.

Still nothing.

We went back to waiting.

Thursday, we were on our way home from my parent's house and talking on the phone with the hubs. It was the only thing that would keep Bug from crying. I specifically remember him telling her to "be nice and gentle with Mommy tonight." Did she listen? Of course not. But I do credit her with getting labor started.

So before bed that night, Bug decided it would be a good idea to crawl and jump all over me. She loved every minute of it. At the time, I did not. I wanted sweet cuddles with my girl, but those were few and far between.

I put her to bed and tried to get some sleep myself. If I had known what was coming, I doubt I would have slept. Luckily, I was oblivious.

The hubs eventually got home around 3 am. I was just starting to wake up with contractions, but nothing too serious. I slept in between them until around 5. That's when I decided to get up and start bouncing on my yoga ball to see where things were going. It wasn't long before I decided to call in the troops. First, I had to tell the hubs what was going on. He admitted to not really understanding what was happening until he heard me say I was going to call our midwife and my mom, the midwife for obvious reasons and my mom to be there when Bug woke up.

Things started off fast. Contractions were already 3 minutes apart and there wasn't much of a break between them. It wasn't long before I found myself laying in the tub.

There is something about water and labor. It felt amazing. I ended up staying in there until it was time to push. At that time, I ended up getting up and crawling into bed.

The time in between getting in the tub and the bed was very intense though. Contractions hit hard in my left hip and my back. It was awful. They hurt more than anything I could ever describe and centered mainly in my hip. The only thing that felt good was my husband rubbing both locations with black pepper essential oil. Afterwards, we thought I'd be black and blue on my hip from how hard the hubs rubbed.

I remember a few times trying to get out of the tub to try a few more positions that would hopefully alleviate the horrible hip pain. Nothing worked. We tried all fours, sitting, and squatting. Nothing worked, so it was back in the tub for me.

It was amazing how free I was to move and do whatever it was I needed to do. I wasn't limited to one space or one position, I could do whatever felt good at the time.

Eventually it was time for me to push. I remember trying to get into the bed and repeating "I can't" over and over again. It was never about the fact that I couldn't do it, I knew I could...I just didn't think I could move myself from the tub to the bed. But with the help of the hubs and midwife, I made it.

At 11:32 my son was born at home. I felt everything. I remember everything. It was amazing.

More than anything I'm extremely proud that not once did I even think about going to the hospital. It wasn't an option. I enjoyed being home way too much. It was so nice to already be in my comfort place. I didn't have anyone poking and prodding me at all hours of the day. There were no bright and annoying lights. The hubs could lay comfortably next to me. When Bug came to meet him, she was comfortable. I loved being home and will definitely have another homebirth whenever we decide to have another baby.

The following pictures are very near and dear to my heart.

03 October 2014

There's a reason for my absence...

Introducing the newest member of the Beautiful Family Affairs family...

Born at home on September 5, 2014 at 11:32 weighing a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz and measuring 22 inches long. 

I love little baby toes.

My little cowboy.

His belly just makes me smile!

I love this picture of my two little loves. It took a lot to get it, and if you look closely enough, you can see a little tear on Bug's cheek. The instant we put Little Guy in her lap, she broke down in tears and kept saying "No!" It was really kinda funny. The only way we got her to smile was to ask her to give him a kiss. She absolutely loves giving him kisses and blankets and "pats" on the head. If he's crying, she'll run to him and check on him. 

We're all still adjusting after 4 weeks of him being here. We're absolutely smitten with him and he is such a cuddle bug!

I hope to share my birth story soon, but this little guy is keeping us on our toes with sleep. I think he and his sister have it worked out where Mommy and Daddy get as little sleep as possible. Those little stinkers are already plotting against us! 

04 September 2013

Top 10 Reasons To Get Pregnant Right After Baby

10. You no longer need to cover up the belly. No more big t shirts or belly bands! You can let that bump shine once again!

9. Good excuse to indulge into those cravings, again. I can still use the excuse that I'm breastfeeding right?

8. You get your luxurious hair back. I don't know about y'all, but I'm tired of all that hair coming out all the time.

7. Good excuse for your forgetfulness. I'm still using the baby brain excuse, but pregnancy brain seems much more legit in my opinion.

6. The smells. You know you'll miss the smell of sour milk and poop when they're gone.

5. Pregnant women just look good. Being pregnant will hopefully cover up those dark circles under your eyes with all the glow-i-ness that occurs.

4.  Putting away the baby things can wait. Women (me included), get extremely emotional when putting away each different stage of clothes or toys. If you've got another bun in the oven, then you can just leave the toys where they lay and dream of the little one that will soon occupy them!

3. Forgetting things. I know we covered the excuse for forgetfulness, but if you have a baby relatively quickly after the first, then you don't have time to forget all the things with baby one and apply them to baby two (not that they'll work).

2. The dreaded periods. It was nice not having that friend come and visit for nine months, and then when it's unpredictable. If you're pregnant, you don't have to worry about any of that!

1. Who said you needed sleep? If you have another baby right away, you get all of your sleepless nights out of the way right off the bat! That way, just when you're getting used to sleeping again, you don't have a little bundle changing things up.

And for the record I'm not pregnant.