29 December 2014

Christmas Traditions

For Jo's first Christmas, we decided on a present tradition for the kids: 

Something I want
Something I need
Something to wear
Something to read

They also get an ornament on the day we go and get our Christmas tree, as well as pajamas and a Christmas book on Christmas Eve.

For Jo's Christmas it was easy knowing what she may want and we knew what she needed. Her wear and read are things that I always have fun looking for and picking the perfect thing out for her. 

Here's how Jo's presents broke down:


Jo loves using our Norwex mop and always has to help us sweep, so it was obvious that getting her a Kids Norwex mop would be the perfect thing. And boy, were we right! She loves her new mop!

Okay...so maybe this need was more for my sake than her's, but we desperately needed a place to store her crayons and art supplies.


My girl loves her kitty cats, so I thought a kitty cat dress would be perfect for her.


If you are ever in the market for a new children's book, I can't recommend this one enough! God Made Light is a wonderful book and I find myself with tears in my eyes every time I read this book to my girl. She seems to enjoy it too. But seriously, I LOVE this book!

James kind of got the short end of the stick for his first Christmas:


Jo had the Minnie Mouse version of this rattle and loved it, so it was only fitting that we got one for James as well.


The mat we had for James was on its last leg due to his big sister sitting on the arches, so it was time to invest in a new one. So far he seems to love it, which is more to say than the last mat.


We had to get him a pair of Carhartt overalls! And they are just the absolute cutest!


the Story of Ferdinand just seemed fitting for my little boy's first Christmas. I look forward to reading this to him many times over the next few years.

Do y'all have any present traditions when it comes to your family? 

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