14 February 2014

Blog Post - and a Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you ever have a blog post written in your head, then when you sit down to write it, it magically disappears? That seems to be happening to me more and more lately. Can I still blame the baby brain? 

I do blame it on the chaotic schedule and the inability to blog as often as I'd like.

Even as I type this, Bug is in her crib trying her darn-dest not to sleep; i.e. crying loudly. I'm trying to let her cry it out right now. It's an hour past bedtime. She's been rocked, nursed, kissed, and prayed over. Nothing seems to do the trick though. I know she's tired. She's just refusing to sleep. Right now we've been going on an every other day schedule. She'll have a great night's sleep, then the next it'll be another one where she fights sleep and then she's up every few hours. Stupid molars. It makes me hurt for her.

This whole crying it out thing is hard. I hate hearing her cry. We've taken to bringing her back out after a while and letting her lay down on my chest while we watch the Olympics with all the lights turned out. It seems to calm her a little until we all go to bed. 

Anyway...Happy Valentine's Day to all and to all a good night!


  1. Hey girl! After reading your blog today I thought I might send you an idea to try to help your little girl to sleep better and feel a little better. Try rubbing some lavender essential oil on her gums and be sure to wash it off your hands if you are planning to stay awake otherwise you'll be put to sleep too! ;) it has worked for a lot of mom's I know especially during the time when teeth are coming through. Hope it helps and she can welcome sleep rather than fighting it!

  2. Oh poor thing! Molars are the worst.